Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man

Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man is a unique examination of women and relationships in an era of material equality between the sexes. Despite vast gains in the welfare of women, especially in the modern West, both men and women are finding relationships ranging from dating to marriage increasingly difficult.

The authors draw upon cutting edge science in evolutionary biology, and neuropsychology, and vast personal experience with women to distill some simple and practical principles men will find useful for creating and maintaining relationships with emotionally (and sexually) compatible women.

In an ideal world, a man would profit from another’s wisdom so he could be successful in relationships from a young age, but in modern society he’s misinformed and therefore his relationships are sabotaged before they even start. Here, Joseph, David and Franco provide a guide to having successful relationships with real advice that works in the real world. – Paradise, author of “21st Century Fox – Space Aqe Pimping.”

The first rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about Fight Club.

                                — Tyler Durden, from the movie “Fight Club”

OUR book isn’t for everyone. Some men are deeply angry, bitter or cynical about women in general; we can’t help you. You must first let those destructive emotions dissipate. Such emotions are frightening to women, such that they actually produce a physical, instinctual response within her.

Even a physically small man becomes a big, scary guy throwing a big, scary fit when he allows his angry emotions to run amok. Women have a biologically hardwired panic reaction to such behavior, and they will avoid men exhibiting signs of it.

Men who are happy in their marriages have little need for our material, although we guarantee they will read it and find themselves saying, “Hey, that’s what 1 do too!” And we believe that even happy men will find nuggets of wisdom that allow them to be more than just happy.

We’re talking real wisdom, that will allow men to absolutely delight the women in their lives and teach men to take their relationships to the next level. This book is for men who love women and want to improve their relationships with them and achieve maximum well-being for both parties.

Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man by Joseph W. South & David Clare & Franco pdf