Practical Intelligence : The Art & Science of Common Sense

Practical Intelligence : the art and science of common sense / Karl Albrecht

How many of your best ideas have come to you in the shower? While brushing your teeth? While walking or jogging? How often have you experienced strange, surreal, and creative images flowing through your mind as you were falling asleep or coming out of sleep? Have you had an important idea or a realization come to you in a dream, or while daydreaming? Has the solution to a problem flashed into your mind while you were doing something completely unrelated to the problem?

“Never trust any thought you have while sitting down.”
—Friedrich Nietzsche

The very first principle of practical intelligence to be understood is that you think with your whole body, not with some individual circuit somewhere in the cortex of your brain. In fact, your brain is not really a whole computer—it’s one key part of an extended computer, your biocomputer, which includes your whole nervous system, various information-processing subsystems located in your organs and muscles, and even your chemical messenger systems such as your hormone systems and your immune system….


1. A Problem and an Opportunity
2. Multiple Intelligences: The Possible Human
3. What Is Practical Intelligence?
4. Mental Software Upgrade I: Developing Mental Flexibility
5. Mental Software Upgrade 2: Adopting Affirmative Thinking
6. Mental Software Upgrade 3: Adopting Sane Language Habits
7. Mental Software Upgrade 4: Valuing Ideas
8. Mega-Skill 1: “Bivergent” Thinking
9. Mega-Skill 2: “Helicopter” Thinking
10. Mega-Skill 3: “Intulogical” Thinking
11. Mega-Skill 4: “Viscerational” Thinking
12. How то Become an Expert Problem Solver
13. Success Programming: Causing the Outcomes You Want

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