Becoming a mother for the first time is one of the most incredible feelings in the world. But before you get to that point you must carry your baby for nine months. Those nine months are filled with a variety of memorable events, along with some that you would probably rather forget. Nonetheless they are all worth it the first moment that you meet that precious soul that you carried inside of you for so long.

Pregnancy is a fun and amazing journey.As a woman with child you can expect to go to the doctor often to make sure that baby is growing as it should and to ensure that there are no problems that need medical intervention. It is these regular doctor visits that help ensure that you and your baby are getting the best care needed during this time.

During the first trimester you make visits to the doctor once every month in most cases. Sometimes the doctor will want you to come in more often if you are expecting multiple babies or have other problems with your pregnancy.

The second trimester stays pretty much the same concerning your visits; the only exception is that these three months are filled with a lot of testing. During the third trimester things change and you are preparing to deliver your new precious bundle of joy. Your doctor will monitor you closely, and baby, during these last months of pregnancy.

As you go along in your pregnancy there will be a lot of people who have such great things to tell you to expect. There is nothing like the pregnancy glow that comes . You certainly are going to enjoy every single flutter of your baby inside of you.

The first time that the heartbeat is heard it is a tender moment, and the ultrasound is the first picture of your new child. These experiences make your pregnancy very real and special. These moments are just some of the things that onlookers are so eager to tell you…

General goal in writing this book is to inform and educate others about pregnancy. There are so many women, going through pregnancy for the first time, that have many unanswered questions about their different experiences.

This book gives information and insight for different situations that may arise. The goal is to ease those concerns so the pregnancy is a more of an enjoyable experience. I hope this book is a help and thank you again.

PREGNANCY FOR FIRST TIME MOMS: What They Don’t Tell You by Darell Spice pdf

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