The Psychology of Art and the Evolution of the Conscious Brain

The Psychology of Art and the Evolution of the Conscious Brain (pdf) by Robert L. Solso

This series presents definitive works on cognition viewed from a psychological perspective, including undergraduate and graduate textbooks, reference works, research monographs, and edited volumes.

Among the wide variety of topics addressed are perception, attention, imagery, memory, learning, categorization, language, problem solving, thinking, and cognitive development.

Although the primary emphasis is on presenting psychological theories and findings, most volumes in the series are interdisciplinary, attempting to develop important connections between cognitive psychology and the related fields of anthropology, computer science, education, linguistics, neuroscience, and philosophy.


Art and the Rise of Consciousness

  • Changes in Science, Changes in Art
  • Traditional Ways ofUnderstanding Art: Psychophysical
  • Dualism
  • Art and Mind: A Unitary View
  • The Evolution of Art and Consciousness
  • The Rise of Consciousness as a Scientific Topic
  • AWAREness: The Five Facets of Consciousness
  • From Nucleotides to Newton

2 Art and Evolution

  • The “New and Improved” Brain and Technology, Art, Language, and Culture
  • Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons, and Dogs That Can’t Hunt
  • The Cognitive “Big Bang”
  • The Cognitive Blueprint
  • Environmental and Dietary Changes
  • Brains and Adaptation
  • The Evolution of the Brain

3 Art and Vision

  • Visual AWAREness
  • Seeing with Brain and Eye: The Dynamic Properties of Vision
  • The Eye
  • Beautiful Colors
  • From the Eye to the Brain
  • The Visual System and the Perception of Art

4 Art and the Brain

  • The Evolution of the Consciously AWARE Brain
  • The Cognitive Big Bang and the Emergence of Art
  • What Brains Do
  • “Raphael’s Brain”

5 About Face

  • Faces Are Special in Art
  • Domain Specificity and Faces
  • What the Portrait Artist’s Brain “Sees”
  • The Face as a Reflection of the “Inner Person”

6 Illusions: Sensory, Cognitive, and Artistic

  • Sensory Illusions: Truth or Fiction?
  • Cognitive Illusions: Twisting Truth
  • Visual Illusions
  • Artistic Illusions
  • First-Order Isomorphism and Proto-Isomorphism

7 Perspective: The Art of Illusion

  • Seeing a 3D World with a 2D Eye
  • Principles of Depth Perception: Where Is It?
  • Recumbent Figures: Why They Are So Hard to Draw

8 Art and Schemata

  • Schemata
  • Visual Dissonance
  • Canonic Representations
  • Representational Art—Abstract Art
  • A Cognitive Neuroscience Theory of Aesthetics

Robert L. Solso: The Psychology of Art and the Evolution of the Conscious Brain

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