Systems thinking by Jamshid Gharajedaghi – 2nd ed.

Systems thinking : managing chaos and complexity : a platform for designing business architecture / Jamshid Gharajedaghi

This is an unconventional book for an unconventional reader. It is intended for those professionals who, in addition to their specialized knowledge, would like to get a handle on life so they may put their special text into its proper context. It speaks to those thinkers and practitioners who have come to realize that learning to be is as much a necessary part of a successful professional life as is the learning to do; and that to remain unidimensional is to become boringly predictable.

This book is about a new mode of seeing, doing, and being in the world; a way of thinking through chaos and complexity. It is not another “how to” book, nor an alternative to what is already available. It is not a variation on the tired theme of offering the latest version of the common characteristics of the winners. It also violates the golden rule of best sellers.

The book, nevertheless, speaks to everyone for whom the joy of thinking is still alive and kicking and whose enthusiasm to entertain exciting but unfamiliar conceptions is not yet exhausted. In a nutshell, the book is about systems.

The imperatives of interdependency, the necessity of reducing endless complexities, and the need to produce manageable simplicities require a workable systems methodology and a holistic frame of reference that will allow us to focus on the relevant issues and avoid the endless search for more details while drowning in proliferating useless information.


PART I  Systems Philosophy: The Name of the Devil 

  • How the Game Is Evolving

PART II Systems Theories: The Nature of the Beast

  • Systems Principles
  • Systems Dimensions
  • The Sociocultural Model: Information-Bonded Systems

PART III Systems Methodology: The Logic of the Madness

  • Systems Methodology
  • Defining the Problem
  • Designing Business Architecture

PART IV Systems Practice: The Gutsy Few 

  •  The Oneida Nation
  • Butterworth Health Systems
  • The Marriott Corporation
  • Commonwealth Energy Systems
  • Carrier Corporation

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