Tales For Coaching by Margaret Parkin

nlpTales For Coaching: Using Stories and Metaphors with Individuals & Small Groups by Margaret Parkin (PDF) 

Coaching is rapidly proving lo be an invaluable aid to personal development and a successful way to enhance performance within organizations of all types. More and more people are also discovering how to use story telling to bring about change and reinforce learning. In her new book. Margaret Parkin combines these two approaches into a powerful and effective technique to assist personal change.

Showing you how and when to use stories to maximum effect, whether you are coaching an individual or a group. the book demonstrates how your coaching can have greater impact with the effective use of storytelling.

Complete with sample stories that can be used in a variety of coaching situations. Tales far Coachbiк includes SO tales that will immediately help coaches, trainers, managers and educators to reinforce key messages or stimulate fresh thinking .

The stories themselves range from those written specifically by the author to carefully selected material from literature (everything from Aesop and Winnie the Pooh to Stephen Covey). Each tried and tested tale is a proven and effective aid to improve coaching.

Are you a storyteller? The chances are you’ll reply ‘Who me? Certainly not, having in your mind a picture of some strange mediaeval creature prancing around in cap, motley and bells, or possibly of a favourite comedian or raconteur, spitting out well-rehearsed and scripted lines at the speed of light.

You might even think of the word ‘storyteller’ in a derogatory way, as someone who is prone to exaggeration or being economical with the truth. Even dictionaries list ‘storyteller’ as synonymous with ‘liar’.

The fact is, if you are involved in coaching, instructing, mentoring or educating other people, with a view to helping them achieve optimum performance, and if your aim is to do this in a way that is stimulating and memorable, then the chances are that you are incorporating some of the skills that the original storytellers crafted centuries ago: educating and entertaining their listeners, painting verbal pictures to enhance memory, using metaphor and analogy to add colour, and passing on cumulative wisdom.

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