The Adventures of Anybody

I began writing this tale in 1575 after writing five books in less than two years, all quote, nonfiction. ‘The Adventures of Anybody —‘Tales of Meta for You was my escape, my passion, my chance to take what I had learned building models of language and unconscious and unconsciously put it to use.

However, journeys are never as easy as they appear if they are to be worthwhile. My journey twisted through many people and places and lead to see all change comes to be the right direction when the heart grows tired of tfie mind not tfie reverse. So I dedicate this book first to all the illusions along tfie way.

Hopefully their journey will lead them to something more worthwhile. I dedicate this volume mostly to a heart that with mind knows passion can grow beyond what we would never suspect.

Remember life gets better when you’re headed in the right direction and you’ll know it’s right because you’re sure enough to be unsure about but never unsure enough to not do it.


Mow Anybody Got His Name
Anybody and Time

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The Adventures of Anybody by Richard Bandler (PDF)