The Cyber Effect

The Cyber Effect: A Pioneering Cyberpsychologist Explains How Human Behavior Changes Online  by MARY AIKEN 

DR. MARY AIKEN is the world’s foremost forensic cyberpsychologist. She is the director of the CyberPsychology Research Network and an advisor to Europol, and has conducted research and training workshops with multiple global agencies from INTERPOL to the FBI and the White House. Her research interests include cyber-security, organized cybercrime, cyberstalking, technology-facilitated human trafficking, and the rights of the child online. She is a member of the advisory board of the Hague Justice Portal, a foundation for international peace, justice, and security. Her groundbreaking work inspired the CBS television series CSI: Cyber. She is based in Ireland.



Prologue: When Humans and Technology Collide
Chapter 1: The Normalization of a Fetish
Chapter 2: Designed to Addict
Chapter 3: Cyber Babies
Chapter 4: Frankenstein and the Little Girl
Chapter 5: Teenagers, Monkeys, and Mirrors
Chapter 6: Cyber Romance
Chapter 7: Cyberchondria and the Worried Well
Chapter 8: What Lies Beneath: The Deep Web
Chapter 9: The Cyber Frontier
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