The First-Time Manager by Loren B. Belker

THE FIRST-TIME MANAGER by Loren B. Belker & Gary S. Topchik – 5th ed.

So, what exactly is a new manager supposed to do? You have no doubt met bosses who feel that their job is to tell others what to do. Unfortunately, these managers really have not learned what their role is. It is not to direct people, although some of that may be needed. Rather, management should be the process of getting people to become self-directed.

The fifth edition of The First-Time Manager will enable you to do that. Application of the principles described in this book should benefit anyone who is about to embark on a managerial career. Our relationship with other human beings is the most challenging opportunity that exists for us. It covers all aspects of our lives.

If you are going to be a respected manager, you need to find opportunities to gain the support and commitment of your direct reports without having to use your positional power (your title) over them. The best managers get their team members to willingly do what they are supposed to, as opposed to doing it only because the manager said so.

There are many books published on the subject of management, but few of these books address—or zero in on—those individuals who are about to begin a career of leading other people.

This book is for those people, not for top management with twenty years’ experience, even though many top managers would do well to refresh their acquaintance with some of the basic principles that will be discussed in this book.

In fact, a comment often heard at seminars for new managers is, “My boss needs this information and these skills even more than I do.” This then, creates for the new manager the problem of how you manage in an environment where your own manager violates principles and concepts that you practice and believe in.

This new edition helps you succeed with your direct reports, even though your managers and your organization may not be doing exactly what they should be.

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THE FIRST-TIME MANAGER by Loren B. Belker & Gary S. Topchik – 5th ed. (PDF)