The Impact Of Meditation : How It Can Improve Emotional Intelligence

THE IMPACT OF MEDITATION: How It Can Improve Emotional Intelligence by SERGEY V. AFANASYEV, Ph.D., pdf

The relevance of the research study. Migration problems are particularly acute on the agenda of public debate in the context of globalization. Migration in the context of migrants’ social-psychological adaptation requires special attention as unresolved psychological problems arising in the process of migration have result in threats, both for migrants, and for a society in general.

People contacting with a new culture can objectively consider this situation as complicated and strained, especially at an initial stage. Stress levels occurring on the background of cultural and religious differences can be particularly high when the culture of the country of origin is significantly different from that of the host country. On the one hand migrants experience a severe need in successful and effective socialization in a new society and culture. On the other hand a need in psychological health maintenance is important since the mentality and emotions are tensed during the migration.

In connection with the foregoing, the problem of migrants’ social-psychological adaptation seems to be very relevant in cultural, social, psychological aspects which in turn affect the business and public sectors. The research subject is more significant because of a lack of researches relating to the impact of meditation on the emotional intelligence as a key factor of the migrants’ social-psychological adaptation.

Subject area of the present study is due to the apparent lack of empirical studies of the effects of meditation on emotional intelligence, including, as a key factor in the social-psychological adaptation of migrants.

Researcher’s interest in the subject of this study came about through personal experience of learning and the practice of meditation, as well as the benefits which the regular practice of meditation provides. Initial interest to meditation as a way of self-development and improvement was associated with the study of psychology and philosophy of religion, a deeper acquaintance took place in during the counseling psychology education program including the mindfulness-based cognitive therapy course.

The general hypothesis of the research is the assumption of dependence between meditation practice and dynamics of migrants’ emotional intelligence as a key factor of their social-psychological adaptation. On the basis of the general assumption the author formulated the following hypotheses:

1. Meditation affects dynamics of the emotional intelligence.

2. Dynamics of emotional intelligence that arises due to the practice of meditation is positive.

3. The practice of meditation enhances key intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies of emotional intelligence causing the efficiency of social and psychological adaptation of migrants.

4. The choice of a specific method of meditation does not affect significally on the dynamics of the emotional intelligence.

Study of the research hypotheses has been focused on three key areas of the study:
First, meditation in this thesis is defined as a mental cultivation and self-regulation practice focuses on training attention and awareness (Walsh and Shapiro, 2006). Second, emotional intelligence is defined as an ability to be aware, to understand, to manage, and to control one’s emotions in a variety of challenging social situations (Bar-On, 2006), promoting adaptation in various areas of life, is considered as the key internal factor of social-psychological adaptation.

Third, social-psychological adaptation as the process of overcoming of hard situations when the socialization skills from the previous development stages are used that allows to cooperate with the group without internal or external conflicts, to provide efficient leading activity, to justify role expectations, and at the same time to satisfy the basic needs (Nalchadjan, 1988) and is considered in relation to migrants as one of psychologically vulnerable groups of the modern society……

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