Welcome to Dr. Win Wenger’s BRAIN BOOSTERS: 20 Minutes a Day to a More Powerful Intelligence program. This program and the accompanying workbook have been created to assist you in further developing your intelligence and creativity.

When you practice and apply the methods that have been outlined for you in this program, you will find that your mind power vastly expands as the door to your creative genius opens to a world of extraordinarily inventive, “out-of-the-box” thinking.

It is important that you list any and all observations and discoveries in each of the exercises that Dr. Wenger provides for you. Do not confine yourself to use only the spaces provided for you in this workbook. It is imperative that you feel free to continue your lists beyond the defined spaces.

Embedded throughout the text of this workbook are articles written bv Dr. Wenger. These articles have been included to further enhance your experience and knowledge base. To achieve the maximum benefits from this program and workbook, listen to each audio session at least twice, ideally three times, and then work on the corresponding chapter.

Be sure to always keep a paper and pen in hand as you are listening to the program, and be prepared to stop the program when you hear an idea or technique that particularly appeals to you. Think about that idea in connection with your situation, your work, your life-style, then prepare a plan to act upon it in the days ahead. Whenever possible give yourself a deadline, and be committed to following through on that deadline.

Without implementing any of the action steps that you have mapped out for yourself, this program simply becomes an exercise in listening.

Table of Contents


Session 1: Observations on Anything and Everything
Session 2: Using Freenoting to Increase Your Intelligence
Session 3: Your Sidebands of Thought and Perception
Session 4: The Flash Answer/Awareness Method
Session 5: The Crab Apple
Session 6: Improving the Physical Functioning of Your Brain
Session 7: Feedback Reinforcement
Session 8: Pole-Bridging
Session 9: The Human Development Ladder
Session 10: Improvitaping
Session 11: Continuing Your Development Forward

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Win Wenger’s BRAIN BOOSTERS: 20 Minutes a Day to a More Powerful Intelligence – Workbook (PDF)