The Yoga Adventure for Children: Playing, Dancing, Moving, Breathing, Relaxing

The Yoga Adventure for Children : Playing, Dancing, Moving, Breathing, Relaxing (pdf) by  Helen Purperhart 

Children’s yoga is not new. In fact, as information about its health and spiritual benefits continues to spread, it is attracting more and more interest. The aim of The Yoga Adventure for Children is to present a light-hearted way for both children and adults to familiarize themselves with yoga.

This book is written for yoga teachers, activity-group leaders, elementary-school teachers, and parents who are looking for fun ways to experience fitness with their children. Yoga promotes physical health and vitality, and many children who participate in yoga experience a healthy physical enjoyment. To encourage this, the book offers many creative games and exercises with suggestions for combining yoga with play. Children’s yoga can be integrated between lessons in the classroom, during a gym class, or after school.

Spiritual exploration can be another aspect of yoga. Older children, in particular, enjoy self-reflection. Yoga can help them examine how their behavior can influence their lives. Yoga does not have answers for all the children’s questions, however. Parents and teachers will need to help children find answers on their spiritual journey. Not all parents and teachers are spiritually oriented, so it should be noted that yoga can be taught without the spiritual element. Even without this element, yoga can be a useful tool for getting children to discuss things and to help them in their development.


About the Author • Acknowledgments

  • Introduction
    The Exercises • Planning the Yoga Class • Timing • Workspace • Preparation • The Role of the Leader • Rules • Duration • Key to the Icons Used in the Games
  • The Rules of Yoga
    The Five Abstinences • The Five Precepts • The Peace Agreement
  • Exercises, Games, and Stories
    Warm-Up Exercises—Dance of the Joints
    Yoga Postures
    Yoga Games
    Breathing Exercises
    Concentration and Meditation
    Exercising the Senses
  • Chakra Exercises
    Visualization Exercises
    Wake-Up Exercises
    Experiences with Crystals
    The Games Arranged by Specific Categories

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