Zoophilologica: Hunting

Zoophilologica: Polish Journal of Animal Studies / Hunting – #4 (2018)

The articles touch on various issues about hunting, its debatable presence in the modern world, as well as the hunting grounds that prevailed in various cultures earlier and today.

The authors are looking for answers to the questions:

  • Does hunting make sense in the XXI century?
  • Was it justified from a scientific / ethical point of view?
  • Why does hunting cause so much emotion and controversy?
  • Is it harmful for children and adolescents to participate in hunting?
  • Is there an ethical difference between hunting and poaching?
  • What role did hunting play in traditional cultures?
  • Why hunting can be considered a kind of unscheduled exquisite performance (the so-called “theater of death”)?

Language: Rus / Polish
Format: ebook PDF online
Pages: 379