1984, George Orwell

1984, George Orwell pdf

Why is Orwell’s novel “1984” relevant?

The anti-utopia “1984” is often referred to as a reference book for those living in difficult times. The popularity of George Orwell’s novel, written in the middle of the twentieth century, has recently increased noticeably. So why does it not lose its relevance?

This work of fiction, describing the horrors of totalitarianism, is still shocking. Double standards, thought police, a ministry of love that hurts, drives into despair and destroys dissenters, a ministry of peace that incites wars, robot writers producing pornographic literature to distract the masses….

Orwell once opened our eyes to how totalitarian regimes function. Is the novel prophetic? Perhaps. A novel that disconcerts, thrills, makes you recognize its truthfulness and reflect? Without a doubt, yes.

Author: George Orwell
Published:  1949
Original language:  English
Literary Genre: Novel

1984, George Orwell pdf