A Course in Light Speed Reading

A Course in Light-Speed Reading is set up to be a four-week experience that may take more time according to the readiness and adaptability of those taking the course. Included is a course for children.

It will take most young children little time to catch on to the principles of light-speed reading as the parents and teachers support them in their efforts (resist testing their comprehension by having them read out loud – just ask what the story was about).

There is also a program for reading technical material.

This program is based on a 4-week, 4-day per week, day-by-day plan. Your plan may vary according to your needs. However, the plan as outlined here has proven successful in its order (time may vaiy).

Day 5 of each week is to be used as a day for integration and review. Use this day to relax, let go of the learning curve, and allow the learning to sink in.

Instructions for week 5 are specific to reading technical or scientific material. Therefore, for learning how to light-speed read novels, magazine articles, and most newspapers, the instruction for the first 4 weeks will be sufficient.

The key to success is intent and commitment. If. for some reason, you find yourself digressing (reading at light-speed and feeling that you’re just not getting it), relax, breath, and re-commit. The natural learning curve must be overcome by continuing undaunted. You are already successful, you just have to demonstrate it to yourself with practice and faith.
The most important thing to do with reading is to enjoy it.

No matter whether you are reading technical material, children’s books, novels, or magazine articles, fun is the most important ingredient in a successful reading experience. Relax into your reading and allow the fun to come forth.

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