Adult Erotic & Detective Book Vibes

Today I offer you an unrivaled selection of erotic and detective books for true connoisseurs of literature. Adult readers will be captivated by the variety and colorful plots that take you into thrilling adventures and enchanting worlds of passion. From thrilling pleasures to mysterious conspiracies, each book in this selection is filled with unpredictable twists and turns of events and emotional intrigue that keeps readers on edge. The sultry erotic scenes will allow you to immerse yourself in a world of romance.

From prestigious elite and confrontations between suitors, to hidden secrets and mysterious crimes, these detective stories will bring readers exceptional emotions and make you insistently turn the pages, seeking to uncover the mystery lurking in every corner of the plot. Regardless of tastes and preferences, this book collection is designed to delight all readers. Immerse yourself in a world of passion and intrigue, and give yourself hours filled with emotions, a true treasure trove of erotic and detective literature for adults.


Make Out With Murder by Chip Harrison

Lawrence Block is one of the most respected and bestselling authors of mystery fiction. Lawrence Block has won the Edgar Award three times, the Shamus Award four times, the Maltese Falcon Award twice, and was named Grandmaster by the Mystery Writers of America. Previously published under pseudonyms and in omnibus collections, this is the first time the Chip Harrison novels are being individually published under Lawrence Block’s name. Chip Harrison, the world’s most inept but lovable playboy, plays detective once removed in this hilarious novel of mystery & sex.


Strange Are the Ways of Love by Lawrence Block pdf

Strange Are the Ways of Love

Jan had never been with a woman before — but she had often wondered what it would be like. Too often. The idea terrified her — and fascinated her. She could neither accept it nor leave it alone. She knew she could not go on like this forever. Perhaps that is why she went into that strange little bar in the Village that night. There she met Laura. From the moment her eyes met the challenging gaze of the lovely red-haired girl sitting at the bar, Jan knew the thing she had to so long denied has about to happen…


Lawrence Block free pdf

So Willing by Sheldon Lord, Alan Marshall

She was a nice girl. Like all the girls Vince liked. But they didn’t stay nice for long. Vince made his women love him and hate him. Betty had to have him. She offered him everything he wanted. And Vince took her lush young body. All he did was take. No woman could keep him for long. Because there were always other girls just as ready and eager for Vince. Vince wanted to try them all. In one short summer, Vince had grown from a teenage boy to a mature man. He’d experienced the delights of flesh from so many women that at eighteen he thought he’d burned out. Until he met Anita. Anita, who was like a spring fire. Anita, who was everything the other girls were-and more…


Donald E. Westlake book pdf free

The Comedy is Finished by Donald E. Westlake

The final, previously unpublished novel from the legendary Donald Westlake!

The year is 1977, and America is finally getting over the nightmares of Watergate and Vietnam and the national hangover that was the 1960s. But not everyone is ready to let it go. Not aging comedian Koo Davis, friend to generals and presidents and veteran of countless USO tours to buck up American troops in the field. And not the five remaining members of the self-proclaimed People’s Revolutionary Army, who’ve decided that kidnapping Koo Davis would be the perfect way to bring their cause back to life…


erotic book pdf free


that was Johnny Wells, a child of the gutters, a product of the slum tenements. A good-looking boy who was part man, part animal and 100% good in a girl’s arms. And that was Johnny’s kick. His other buddies, the hungry ones who roamed Manhattan’s Juvenile Jungle, had their ways of making the scene — Ricky who fished guys at the pool table; Beans, who stole and fenced the goods; Long Sam, who was more muscle than brain but needed nothing else as a teen-aged mugger — but with Johnny’s good looks and the personality of a satyr, it had to be women. They wanted him, and he was ready to let them have what they wanted, for a price. So seventeen-year-old Johnny Wells embarked on a new life: a big front, lots of folding money, and a hundred different women. But no life as rotten as Johnny’s could hope to escape—



Trillel, erotic book pdf free

Criminal Conversation

Just you,” Andrew Farrell says when Sarah Wells asks him what he wants from her – “Just you.

CRIMINAL CONVERSATION is a gripping novel of sex, passion and crime set against the backdrop of a society steeped in vice. From victims to predators, foot soldiers to kings, Evan Hunter creates a masterful story that no one could do better: an explosive and erotic novel of psychosexual suspense.

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