The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Power Yoga

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Power Yoga  by Geo Takоmа & Eve Adamson

Dear Reader:
I hope this book inspires you, that it turns up the light in your life, that it helps you to find and maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit well into the twenty-first century.
This book can help you move toward a life enhanced by strength, confidence, and supreme physical and spiritual health. I have done it, and I’ve seen many other people do it, too. You can improve your life, increase your energy, even change your attitude to enhance your daily life.

If you practice my Power Yoga exercises, you will become stronger, more flexible, and better balanced in every way. You can read about it, you can think about it, and you can talk about it, but if you want to develop your own natural power, you have to do it.
Fifteen minutes of Power Yoga a day, with five minutes of meditation and 10 minutes of relaxation, will change your life. Work through this book in order, find the routines that work best for you, and commit to them every day.

Devote that much time to yourself. Schedule it—and don’t just pencil it in. Your life is worth permanent ink! Make it your promise to yourself. You are more than worth it.


Part 1: Feel the Power 

  1. The Journey Begins
    Who am / and how did Power Yoga evolve? I trace the first steps of my personal journey and the human journey to show you how the movements of Power Yoga are innate to human bodies and how they can make your body and your life more fulfilling and complete. 
  2. More Power to You!
    Power Yoga is uniquely American because it speaks to us in a language we can understand: the language of constant movement.
  3. Assess Your Fitness Power
    How fit are you? How can you tell? Here are the signs, the tests, and the answer to whether your mind is positively or negatively affecting your health. Also, I’ll clue you in on why you are already perfect!
  4. Power Pacing
    I’ll tell you why you should start slowly and how your personal fitness level can guide you toward the yoga routines you need the most. Then, I’ll treat you to a quick course in anatomy and physiology, so you can know the body you are working on better.
  5. A Word About Energy
    Energy is more than just your get-up-and-go. It is the force that animates you,
    drives you to live and thrive, and keeps you loving life. You can have more of it.

Part 2: First Moves: Developmental Poses For Building Strength 

  1. Stand for It
    We’ll begin with some basic standing poses to build your strength. 
  2. Tilts, Twists, and Arches
    We’ll tilt, twist, and arch the body, working out the muscles, internal organs, and glands, too. 
  3. Prowling Tiger Series
    This beginning on-the-floor series warms up the body and prepares it for more difficult routines.
  4. Chakras and the Power of Color
    Learn where your seven chakras are located, how they affect your life, and how you can use their colors to change your life. 
  5. Chakra Testing for Power Healing
    When chakras are blocked, the body can’t function at its best. Learn how to pinpoint chakra blockages and release them with a pendulum and a handful of colored stones. 

Part 3: Stand Up and Take a Bow 

  1. Salute to the Light Within
    This basic version of the traditional yoga sun salutation begins to move the body
    into a more vigorous series of postures.
  2. The Warrior Within
    Get in touch with your inner warrior. Gain strength, confidence, courage, and stamina with the warrior series.
  3. Power Balances
    Learn to balance with strength and grace in a variety of positions.
  4. Angling
    Don’t forget the sides of your body. Work and stretch them with triangle and angle poses.

Part 4: Your Animal Nature

  1. Primates and Pigeons
    Work into deep hip and thigh stretches with monkey and pigeon poses.
  2. Down on All Fours
    Four-legged animal poses build incredible strength and reacquaint us with our animal nature.
  3. Thirteen Steps to Natural Living
    Living more naturally every day is easy with Geo’s 13 steps.

Part 5: Get Down

  1. Sitting Series
    Just because you are sitting down doesn 7 mean you aren 7 still hard at work. Continue your workout with some strenuous sitting poses.
  2. Tummy Series
    Roll over onto your back and work those abs.
  3. Arches, Wheels, and Twists
    Keep your back and belly limber and your internal organs stimulated with advanced arches, wheels, and twists.
  4. Back Power
    Banish back pain forever by strengthening your back with a challenging series of back poses.
  5. Super-Powered
    Anyone can benefit from inverted poses that eliminate stress in the lower body and heighten brain power.
  6. Making Headway with Headstands
    For the seasoned yogi (that means you, if you’ve followed the program up to this point), try headstands and some challenging variations.

Part 6: Winding Down

  1. Breath of Life
    To breathe well is to live well, but chances are, you could be breathing better. Learn how to increase your energy and supercharge your workout with breath work.
  2. Warm-Downs
    At long last, it is time to relax. Come down slowly and spend some time on the floor in relaxation pose.
  3. Meditation for Your Life
    Meditation is a great way to start your day, get through the day, and end your day. Pick your favorite form.

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