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Dr. Joy Browne

has won numerous awards, including back-to-back female “Talk Show Host of the Year”; was nominated for the Marconi award for best talk show host; was named one of USA Today’s 10 most influential broadcasters; and is a member of Vanity Fair’s Radio Hall of Fame. She is currently the author of 13 books and counting including Getting Unstuck (Hay House) and Dating Disasters and How to Avoid Them (Hay House). In her spare time she has appeared on everyone’s television show, including her own on CBS and Discovery Health. Dr. Joy enjoys hot air ballooning, yoga, and helping people to improve their lives.

She’s gotten her dating experience on the front lines, by watching, listening, and doing, and she’s always working on a book about relationships.

Contents at a Glance


Part I: The Focus: Who Am I?

  • Chapter 1: Thoroughly Modern Dating
  • Chapter 2: Being Confident
  • Chapter 3: Polishing Your Social Self
  • Chapter 4: Finding Out What Makes You Tick
  • Chapter 5: Making Sure You’re Ready

Part II: Who Do I Want?

  • Chapter 6: Finding a Date
  • Chapter 7: Planning a Cool Approach

Part III: Setting Up the bate

  • Chapter 8: Asking for a Date
  • Chapter 9: Getting a Phone Number
  • Chapter 10: Plotting the Place for Your First Date

Part IV: bate bag Preparations

  • Chapter 11: Getting Your Outside Ready
  • Chapter 12: Getting Your Inside Ready
  • Chapter 13: Polishing the Act

Part V: The bate

  • Chapter 14: Having a Way Cool Time
  • Chapter 15: Your Date Hates You
  • Chapter 16: You Hate Your Date
  • Chapter 17: You Hate Each Other

Part VI: The bay After and Beyond

  • Chapter 18: The Next Day
  • Chapter 19: The Second Date
  • Chapter 20: Learning about Each Other
  • Chapter 21: Speed Bumps on Life’s Highway
  • Chapter 22: Casual, Serious, and Heavy Dating
  • Chapter 23: Breaking Up
  • Chapter 24: Rebound

Part VII: Playing It Safe and Keeping It Fresh

  • Chapter 25: Safety First
  • Chapter 26: Dating Sight Unseen
  • Chapter 27: Dangerous Dates: The Dark Side
  • Chapter 28: Keeping It Fresh, Alive, and Healthy

Part VIII: The Part of Tens

  • Chapter 29: Ten+ Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Dating
  • Chapter 30: Ten Ways to Know You’re in Love
  • Chapter 31: Ten Sexual Commandments of Dating
  • Chapter 32: Ten Times Not to Date
  • Chapter 33: Ten Tips to Happy Dating
  • Chapter 34: Ten Ways to Make You and Your Date Miserable

Appendix A: Specialized bating Situations
Appendix B: Catch Phrases

Language: English
Pages: 433