The Deep Trance Training Manual

The Deep Trance Training Manual is a practical, structured and effective system to train yourself and others systematically to experience deep-trance phenomena quickly and easily. Volume 1 focuses on core skills and hypnotic skills. I hope this will be of great benefit to you in your practice and exploration of hypnosis and the various phenomena deep trance can produce.

This manual assumes that you have some practical experience and knowledge of hypnosis. As there are many schools of hypnosis emphasising different approaches, this manual covers two things: Principles and Exercises.

Principles will cover some of the fundamentals of hypnotic approaches included in both authoritarian and more permissive schools, such as the Ericksonian approach. This is designed to give you a sufficient understanding of the core hypnotic principles, so that you can develop your own style, language and approaches when working with others.

The Exercises sections are designed to build your repertoire of hypnotic tests, inductions, deepeners etc. systematically. I recommend that you follow’ an organised training approach along the lines detailed in “Systematic training in hypnosis” below so that you develop a core of techniques that you can apply without (conscious) thought.

This manual is by no means tire be-all and end-all of hypnosis. It is intended merely as an experiential guide to assist you in your owrn hypnotic development. I would therefore strongly urge you to read extensively in this fascinating field. I have accordingly recommended certain texts at the end.