Effective Discipline for Children from 2 to 12

Effective Discipline for Children from 2 to 12 by THOMAS W. PHELAN, PhD pdf for free

Effective Discipline for Children from 2 to 12 by THOMAS W. PHELAN, PhD

This edition of 1-2-3 Magic describes straightforward methods for managing the behavior of children from the ages of approximately two to twelve, whether they’re average or special-needs kids. You can actually start at about eighteen months with a typically developing child.

To get the best results, keep in mind the following:

  • The strategies should be used exactly as they are described here, especially with regard to the No Talking and No Emotion Rules.
  • If both parents are living at home, ideally both adults should use the program. If one parent refuses to use 1-2-3 Magic, however, the other parent can still use it on his or her own (while hoping, of course, that the partner or spouse is doing something reasonable with the kids).
  • Single, separated, and divorced parents can use our methods effectively by themselves. It is preferable if all parents—even if they are in different locations—are using the same program, but that isn’t always possible. In fact, single parents greatly benefit from a simple and effective system like 1-2-3 Magic. If you are parenting on your own, you are very likely to feel overloaded, and you don’t have a lot of time to spend learning discipline programs. Also, because you’re by yourself, you cannot afford to be inefficient in managing your children. You only have so much energy.
  • Grandparents, babysitters, and other caregivers have also found the 1-2-3 program very helpful in managing young children. Actually, many grandparents first discovered 1-2-3 Magic on their own and then shared it with their children. In addition, we hear more and more these days that grandparents are raising their grandchildren themselves, and these adults often find 1-2-3 Magic to be a lifesaver.
  •  Make sure your kids are in good physical health. It is a well-known fact that illness, allergies, and physical pain can aggravate both behavioral and emotional problems in children. Regular physical exams for the kids are of critical importance. It’s also important to know and respect your children’s natural daily rhythms regarding food, sleep, and bathroom. A child who missed a nap, who feels hungry, or who has to go to the bathroom can be much more challenging to parent.


  1. Building a Solid Foundation for Parenting
  2. Controlling Obnoxious Behavior: Parenting Job 1
  3. Managing Testing and Manipulation
  4. Encouraging Good Behavior: Parenting Job 2
  5. Strengthening Your Relationships with Your Children: Parenting Job 3
  6. Enjoying Your New Family Life

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