First ebook of seashore

All about seashore for kids pdf ebook free
All about seashore for kids ebook

All about seashore for kids

The seashore is a great place to play in the sand and splash around in the sea. It is a great place to watch wildlife. On the beach, you can collect many seashells. But what creatures live in them? What can you find while hiding in rock pools? This First ebook of seashore by Derek Niemann will help you name the many creatures that live on the seashore. It will tell you how they live and where they can be found.

At the back of the book is an “Observer’s Guide” to help you remember the items you find on the seashore. You can also write them down or draw pictures. You can download First ebook of seashore for free in PDF or read online. Turn the page to learn more about seashore wildlife!

Derek Niemann - First book of seashore
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