Make and Takes FOR KIDS

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The projects in Make and Takes for Kids are unique yet simple to make, so all parents, educators, caregivers, and children can easily make them. Each craft requires minimal preparation and just a few materials that you can easily find at your local craft store or even at home. With minimal effort, you’ll already be on your way to creating quality time spent with your child.

The Make and Takes for Kids book contains 50 crafts that you can create throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a winter day activity, a Valentine’s Day treat, or a spooky eye card for Halloween, this book has all kinds of projects inspired by the holidays and seasons that will have you creating and crafting with your kids all year long.

This book also has several crafts that are environmentally friendly. It’s a great way to encourage kids to reuse and recycle materials they already have at home, while teaching them to be thrifty.

Make and Takes FOR KIDS
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