Mind Maps for Kids

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Mind Maps for Kids: An INTRODUCTION The SHORTCUT to SUCCESS at SCHOOL by Tony Buzan

Homework. Faced with this problem, do you, like me, put it off until later, resorting to clever excuses like calling friends, watching TV, playing computer games and reading magazines until you run out of time? And of course, you’ll always do it tomorrow….. yes, yes, yes!

Do you dream, like me, of a magical remedy that will make it easier to do your homework, help you pass exams, win tests, surprise your teachers, impress your friends and wow your examiners? Maybe you’d like a secret formula to help you focus and turn school work into something that takes seconds and your free time stretches to infinity – and beyond!

This secret formula is called a Mind Map. Mind Maps help you write, solve problems, and can make your life easier and more successful. Mind Maps have already helped millions of students around the world get higher grades with less work. Mind Maps can lead to success.

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