Rapid psychiatry by Clare Oakley, Amit Malik

It has been an absolute joy and challenge to complete this book for undergraduate medical students. Rapid Psychiatry is set out in 11 different sections. In addition to the introduction, differential diagnosis, psychopharmacology and the appendices which cover topics that are relevant across the range of patient groups and clinical settings, the book contains sections on the main areas of specialism within psychiatry.

Within most sections, the chapters are arranged in alphabetical order except for the introduction and appendices chapter which do not lend themselves well to such an arrangement. We hope that this book will make the undergraduate experience more enjoyable for all medical students and that many more will decide to choose psychiatry as their future career.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 182
Rapid psychiatry by Clare Oakley, Amit Malik – 2nd ed. (pdf)

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