The Busy Kids Workbook: Explore Adding & Subtracting

BUSY KIDS:  Explore Adding, Subtracting, And Word Problems! (K-1)

How do you spell FUN?  Just ask Richard Scarry’s Busy Kids!

Featuring the popular Busy Kids of Busytown, young learners will laugh as they learn early reading and math concepts right along with the Busy Kids. Designed for children in Grades PreK through 1, curriculum-based exercises and activities teach early English Language Arts from the alphabet to phonics to writing simple sentences, and early Math, from number recognition, to adding and subtracting to solving simple word problems.

The Busy Kids Workbooks will have young learners smiling as they work their way through the pages, helping Huckle, Lowly, and their pals master curriculum basics while learning those basics themselves. Wow! Those Busy Kids sure are busy, and boy, do they have fun and learn a lot every busy day!

Language: English
Format: ebook PDF
Pages: 70
Size: 13.6 mb!GmgXmQRT!UsM__qK9iTikV6YmAdEX_FFMxL8e1vrmzx0bCaLIsEc