The only astrology book you’ll ever need (PDF)


PART ONE : Sun Sign Astrology 

1 • Sun Signs
2 • The Sun Signs in Love
3 • The Decanates and Cusps of Sun Signs
4 • Astrology and Health

PART TWO: Less Well-Known Influences 

5 • Moon Signs
6 • Your Ascendant and Its Power
7 • You and the Planets: Their Role in Your Destiny

PART THREE: Understanding Astrology 

8 • The Houses of Astrology
9 • How to Interpret Your Horoscope
10 • Aspects and Synastry: Probing Deeper into Your Birth Chart

PART FOUR: Astrology in History and Legend 

11 • The Story of Astrology
12 • The Zodiac: The Legend behind Each Sign

PART FIVE: Astrology in Our Time 

13 • The Age of Aquarius

PART SIX: An Astrologer’s Lexicon 

  • An Explanation of Terms

PART SEVEN: Astrological Tables for the Years 1900-2100

  • Sun Tables
  • Moon Tables
  • Ascendant Tables
  • Planetary Tables

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 549
Size: 15 mb

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