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Many people are building web sites with Joomla! because it is an easy-to-use-and understand content management system. The fact that it is free is also a factor that makes Joomla! one of the most popular systems that you can use to build your own web site.

It is only after your Joomla! site is built that you wonder why there are such less number of visitors and why you don’t rank as highly in the search engines as you thought you would. At that moment you start investigating different sources and possibilities to improve your rankings and get more visitors. Joomla!

Some prior knowledge of Joomla! is expected, but no prior knowledge of search engine optimization is needed for this book. The reader will get a deeper level of knowledge on how to make their web site rank better and attract more visitors to their site.

SEO will help you attract those visitors and improve the way you rank in search engines by giving you the techniques and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

This book is written for anyone using Joomla! — ranging from owners of business sites, to web site developers and personal web site owners. Any Joomla! web site owner who wants to sell products or services, or send out a message to the world will find that getting better rankings in the search engines will help them reach their goal.


  1. Developing your SEP and Keyword Strategy
  2. Optimizing Site Structure
  3. Improve Joomla! SEP with the Joomlatwork SEF Patch
  4. How to Write Keyword-rich Articles
  5. Joomla! Blogging and RSS Feeds
  6. Create Search Engine Friendly URLs with sh404SEF
  7. The Importance of Good SEP Joomla! Templates
  8. Why Speed is Important in SEP
  9. Tracking and Tracing to Improve Your Web Site
  10. How to get Incoming Links

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 323
Size: 4.3 mb

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